I have been a Christian for over 40 years yet have lived most of it in defeat and bondage and on the run. I questioned were is this joy and freedom that is spoken about. And what about that love it’s there for a second and then it’s gone. Unforgiveness, hurt and pain festered within my heart into bitterness and resentment.

I had disconnected from myself, God and others. Then there’s the doubt, unbelief & distrust of God. Be good perfect and strong was my motto. In my mind this is how i secured my place and displayed my value.

God used Tender hearted to open my eyes to truthfully see the mess in my life with the lies and false beliefs I had been living under. All the losses I experienced in my life were places where I got stuck. Acknowledging this, taking responsibility, becoming accountable and working through the losses has started a transformation I never thought could occur.

I now have a joy even in the midst of internal conflict. There is a security and stability which comes from God alone as I now lean into Him instead of running from Him. I am starting to set healthy boundaries where I can freely say no and not worry about rejection. And that love I so longed for, it was I that was keeping Him away.

Wow what a joy to be open to receive God’s love and to soak in it, there has been nothing better. The journey is not easy but the reward is overwhelmingly worth it!!!

My name is T.K. Since I have been coming to Tenderhearted Ministries I have learned so much about myself and God. I have learned how to process through losses and hurts by bringing God into every area of my life.

Listening to every teaching has brought me closer to God and given me a greater dependence on Him, knowing that only He can restore my soul.

God used Tenderhearted to open my eyes…
Wow what a joy to be open to receive God’s love and to soak in it, there has been nothing better.

In Tenderhearted I’ve learned Godly principles and steps to apply them to my life. The Lord has walked me through much pain, fear & disappointment to where tremendous healing has taken place.

These principles and a way to use them have become great tools I can now use on a daily basis for whatever circumstances I face.

Thanks to Tenderhearted, the black blanket of depression was lifted off my life by my loving and very faithful Heavenly Father. Now I can choose the garment of praise instead of the spirit of heaviness.

THM has helped me to mature spiritually and in the soul realm.
THM has helped me to be more honest about how I relate to others, myself and God.

Tenderhearted is an amazing ministry that truly changed my life. THM gave me the biblical-based tools, teachings and support to grow and get healthy in my relationship with God, my family and even my business relationships.

I am so grateful for this ministry and highly recommend it to every single person.

This ministry transformed my life. Whatever season, you are walking through right now, there IS healing! Whether it be fear, grieving the losses in your life, addiction and strongholds, or struggles with your identity and self confidence.

We know, that there is POWER in the name of Jesus, to break EVERY chain. 2 Corinthians 10:4 Are you ready to be changed? Sick and tired, of being sick and tired? Worried? Hopeless? Then this ministry is calling you. Will you step out in faith, and receive ALL, He has for you? You are WORTH IT!

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Pastors Joel and
Carol Silberman, Ph.D.

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